Watsons is a 2 Acre former club water in Roxwell that due to a lack of night fishing we’ve been using it as a stock pond. The farm has now agreed night fishing between 1st April and 1st October (this may extend in year two) with the winter period being dawn till dusk, so as it’s such a beautiful little lake we decided to open as a small 15 man syndicate in 2019.

Watsons has several thick reed beds, pads, overhanging trees and marginal weed beds and is gin clear, so the carp are not hard to find. Due to its size it will be a 2 rod water, there are 7 night fishing pegs but you can stalk so long as you’re not affecting anyone else.

Over the course of the autumn we’ve been removing snags and re arranging the swims and most importantly stocking up. So far, we’ve added 25 young mid doubles, 25 twenties and by the time we open in April there should be at least 2 30lb plus carp. There’s also a decent head of pike to just over 20lb and a single wells catfish of 60lb plus. This is not a syndicate for beginners and you are expected to be used to handling specimen carp.

Members will receive a key card to enter the farm which is linked to your car registration, so security is not a problem. There’s a portaloo onsite plus a small car park. There’s not many syndicates about with only 15 members so even with the night fishing restrictions I’m hoping it will be popular as its bound to be a quiet little syndicate.

Members also get free fishing on our day ticket lake Slough House from 1st Oct till 15th march just take your permit along with you. Please be aware that we have regular matches at Slough during winter so check the Facebook page before turning up.

Watsons Price 2019-20 £375 over 2 instalments if required preferred method of payment is bank transfer although we do accept cash and cheques.

Season starts on 1st April 2019 ends 31st March 2020
Night fishing from 1st April till 1st October
Daylight only from 1st October till 31st March
I’m hoping to get this extended after first year.
For full details look on the how to join page

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