Slough House Rules

Slough House Rules

● No litter (leave litter and you will be


● Unhooking mats are compulsory.

● No keepnets (except pre booked


● No carp sacks.

● No dogs.

● No bbqs.

● No live baiting (sea dead baits


● No unattended rods.

● No night fishing ( please don’t ask).

● Minimum 42 inch net for catfishing.

● No casting over halfway.

● No drugs whatsoever.

● No excessive alcohol.

● No foul language or abusive

● Barbless hooks only.

● No treble hooks.

● No spinning or lure fishing.

● No wire traces.

● Under 14s must be accompanied by

   an adult or guardian.

● Noise to be kept to a minimum.

● Your ticket allows you one swim at

   a time.

● Prices are per angler fishing, not

   per swim.

● Please notify the bailiff if you get cut


● You must have a current EA Rod


● To safeguard us and other fisheries

   dip your nets in and out of the fishery.

Anybody breaking these rules will be asked to leave with

no refund.

We open at 7.30am please see the signs for current closing times.

Please respect our neighbours by arriving and leaving quietly.

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