Farmview is a new syndicate for us this year and at 8 acres is our biggest venue at the moment. Its only been dug for around 6 years so is not the prettiest but these reservoirs are fantastic habitats for carp with a number of Essex ones producing fifty plus carp so when it became available we just had to have it.

We’ve been slowly stocking Farmview up over the last couple of years with 200 fast growing carp from several suppliers giving us a great mix of strains and carp of all shapes and scale patterns. The carp have been fed with an auto feeder for the last two years and have been gaining on average 4lb a year.

This winter we have continued stocking and by the time the syndicate opens in May there will be around 350 carp present with at least 50 over 20lb and at least a couple of thirties. As we decided to close Mashbury most of the stock from there are going into Farmview this spring which will be a big boost to the current stock.

The emphasis on this venue is for it to be moderately easy fishing as there is a call for this type of venue. Farmview is open and windswept and over 20ft deep when full its not going to be to everyone’s liking but the fishing will be good. We are allowing baitboats on Farmview (see rules) Were expecting it to have a massive head of twenties and a good head of thirties within a few years.

Members also get free fishing on our day ticket lake Slough House from 1st Oct till 15th march just take your permit along with you. Please be aware that we have regular matches at Slough during winter so check the Facebook page before turning up.

As with Watsons you get a keycard to enter the site so security is no problem. For this first year there’s a short walk to the lake however during next summer the farm are building a track down to the lake and a car park.

Really excited about the future of this fishery with the stock we’ve put in place I can see this becoming a big fish venue in the not too distant future. At the moment it’s a perfect step up for day ticket anglers looking to join a syndicate for those looking for a bend in the rod with the chance of a big fish also.

Farmview price 1st May 2019 till 20th April 2020
Adult £325 Under 18 £160 (must be accompanied by and adult member)
1st March till 31st October 24hr fishing
From 1st November till 28th February daytime fishing only
Joining details are on the How to Join page of this website.

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